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Be aware of age discrimination during the hiring process

You can do a lot to pump up your resume and make yourself more attractive to potential employers -- go back to school, take an internship or even engage in hobbies that show your leadership and drive.

But you can't reverse the clock and make yourself any younger.

Women increasingly defying nondisclosure agreements

Women are increasingly choosing to defy the terms of nondisclosure agreements that bought their silence regarding sexual liaisons or sexual harassment.

It's clear that there are a lot of secrets out there. Powerful men have routinely bought their way out of sticky situations by getting the women they've harassed or engaged in affairs with to trade a nondisclosure agreement for cash.

Can you sue for a defective guardrail after a car accident?

The whole point of having guardrails along the road is to ensure the safety of motorists in treacherous areas.

What happens, then, when the guardrails themselves aren't up to the task?

What is religious discrimination?

It's hard to know when your right to religious freedom is being hindered at work. This is particularly true if you aren't sure what the difference is between an ordinary work restriction and an act of religious discrimination.

In order to better protect your religious freedom, learn more about what discrimination looks like and how the law defines it.

Planning a vacation? Don't plan a cruise

Are you already looking forward to spring or summer vacation? A lot of people start their planning right about now because the influx of money from their tax returns allows them to look ahead into the year and put that money toward real fun and relaxation.

However, if someone suggests taking a cruise, it might be wise to turn a deaf ear and go do something safer -- like bungee jumping or swimming with sharks.

How do you recognize sexual harassment?

In today's supercharged atmosphere of sexual harassment complaints rising out of the "me too" movement, a lot of people are re-examining what it means to be sexually harassed.

What's the difference between an office romance and sexual imposition? What's the difference between a harmless flirtation and inappropriate sexual contact?

New Jersey's lawmakers review sexual harassment policy

The "#metoo" movement has sparked national attention over the issue of sexual harassment. For lawmakers in New Jersey, it seems like the wave of media attention is just the incentive needed to start some long-needed changes.

An analysis of the nation's sexual harassment policies for each state's lawmakers found New Jersey to be sadly deficient. It is one of the nation's weakest.

Taking steps to prevent your family from contesting your will

Creating a legally sound estate plan is one of the best ways to secure your legacy. After you die, your assets will end up distributed in a manner that reflects your wishes, from outlining who receives precious personal assets to allocating certain funds for charity. Sadly, it is relatively common for people to contest your last will or estate plan, especially if you have built up significant assets during your life.

Children, spouses and other family members are generally the people most likely to contest the contents of your will. Instead of focusing on what you wanted or intended, these individuals may simply consider what they expected or wanted from your estate. You can take steps during estate planning to reduce the incentive for your heirs to contest your will.

A target on your back: Signs of age discrimination at work

Everyone's days are numbered, but your days at work may be nearly over if you become a victim of age discrimination on the job.

Employees who are aged 40 and older belong to a federally-protected class of people and are guaranteed protection against discrimination based on their age alone.

Take care to mitigate your damages if pursuing an injury claim

If you've been injured by someone else's negligence, it's important to understand that the law requires you to do whatever is reasonably necessary to mitigate your damages.

What exactly does that mean?

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