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Learn how to find the right attorney

How do you find the right attorney for your needs when you're ready to file a workplace harassment claim?

People rarely go looking for an attorney under ideal conditions, so it's normal to feel stressed about your search. However, if you're wise, you'll do your research and take the time to make an informed decision. Here are the steps you need to follow:

When is workplace drug testing discriminatory?

New Jersey actually gives employers a lot of latitude when it comes to workplace drug testing -- more so than many other states. However, that doesn't mean that it's "anything goes" where drug testing is concerned.

What rules regarding drug testing do employers have to follow?

A landlord's responsibility to remove ice and snow

Much of the country has been dealing with subzero temperatures this winter. That's made it particularly treacherous to brave the outdoors. However, landlords sometimes leave their tenants to face an unnecessary risk: snow and ice covered walks that are almost impossible to traverse without falling.

In New Jersey, landlords are not required to clear ice and snow from the walks adjacent to any single-family units that they own. However, landlords who have multi-unit properties -- whether those are townhouses or apartment complexes -- are required to clear the public walkways adjacent to their property.

Why do some sexual harassment victims take so long to speak out?

Why did she put up with it for so long? Why didn't she speak up sooner? Why now?

Those kinds of questions are a common refrain any time a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault steps forward after a long period of silence or after enduring months or years of abuse. It can be difficult for many survivors of sexual harassment and assault to answer -- but psychologists say that there are essentially eight reasons that victims wait to tell their stories.

Respecting someone's legacy could mean challenging their estate

When people have significant assets or deep emotional ties to others, that can directly impact how they choose to split up their assets when they die. The love of others or the desire to do good with their wealth can motivate individuals to create a very specific legacy.

When you are close to someone, it is not uncommon to know their wishes and plans for the future, including what will happen when they die. That position of love and trust could leave you feeling conflicted and upset if the person handling the estate does not seem to follow through with the wishes of your loved one.

Seat belt syndrome: What everyone should know

Let's be clear about this: Seat belts really do save lives. You absolutely lower your risk of dying -- by almost 50 percent -- in a car accident by wearing one. By no means do you want to get in your car and leave your seat belt off because you are worried about getting injured by the seat belt.

That being said, if you're in a car accident, you need to be concerned about what is called "seat belt syndrome." Seat belt syndrome is a unique type of internal injury that is often missed right after an accident.

Isn't it obvious what constitutes sexual harassment?

What exactly is sexual harassment?

A Supreme Court justice once explained his view of what constituted something legally "obscene" by saying that obscene material couldn't really be defined but, "I know it when I see it." Many people consider acts of sexual harassment to be something similar. A hug from the boss might just be a hug -- or it might be a coercive act that's illegal. It depends a lot on the circumstances.

Determine if you have a valid claim for wrongful termination

If you were fired recently, it probably wasn't a pleasant experience. Could it have actually been illegal?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself in order to determine if you have a right to take action for wrongful termination?

Hospital-acquired infections are a symptom of medical malpractice

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), American hospitals have made "significant progress" when it comes to preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Just the same, HAIs are still a major concern. It's estimated that one out of every 31 patients has a hospital-acquired infection at any given point. Too many of those patients -- and their families -- will be misled into believing that the infection was just "one of those things" that sometimes happens following surgery or when someone is ill.

Veteran sues over disability discrimination in New Jersey

Are military veterans treated unfairly by potential employers due to stereotyping?

At least one former Marine in New Jersey thinks so after he was turned down for a position as a firefighter in Paterson despite his qualifications and preferential status as a veteran when applying for government jobs. He believes that he was discriminated against once the city found out he had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to his experiences in Afghanistan.

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