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Four ways you can prevent a delayed diagnosis of cancer

A cancer diagnosis is always difficult to hear, but it's even worse if you find out that your symptoms could have been spotted sooner. The best chances you have of beating any type of cancer come early in the disease.

Unfortunately, delays in cancer diagnoses are still a common problem, although researchers have begun to ask what can be done about the issue. There are some suggestions for patients to protect themselves. These are based on what cancer researchers found after talking to a number of doctors.

Constructive discharge: When you're forced to quit

If you're forced to quit a job, is that really any different than being fired?

Some employers will go out of their way to make an employee feel unwelcome without actually firing him or her. Instead, the employer simply tries to make the targeted employee's life as difficult as possible, pushing him or her to quit.

What pregnancy discrimination in the workplace looks like

There's one type of workplace discrimination that only affects half the workforce: pregnancy discrimination.

Unfortunately, there's plenty of evidence that pregnancy discrimination is alive and well at many large companies throughout the United States. Women at all levels of employment -- from executive branches to the packing room floors -- report that they've been sidelined or treated unfairly (or even with outright hostility) due to pregnancy.

Suing for injuries at music festivals and concerts

Showmanship is part of the deal, these days, when it comes to music concerts and festivals. Most big musicians don't just get up on stage and jam -- they put on a show that involves dance moves, fireworks and sometimes stunts that involve the audience.

Unfortunately, people often get hurt during these displays of enthusiasm for the music. That leads to a variety of injury lawsuits that often involve the musician, the sound and stage company, the promoters and even the venue. Injuries can also be complicated, involving things like head trauma and spinal cord damage. In other words, they can be complicated.

Is academia a haven for sexual predators?

There's been a lot of attention focused on allegations of sexual harassment in Hollywood these days -- but there are plenty of other industries with similar problems. Academia, particularly among scientists, is another area of concern. According to new research, the problem is so bad that it may be preventing women from fully competing in or contributing to their fields of study in areas like medicine and engineering.

Using data compiled over several decades, researchers looking into sexual harassment issues among scientists found several shocking issues at play:

Know your rights regarding religious wear at work

Do you know your rights, as an employee, when it comes to articles of your dress that are symbolic of your faith?

Whether you are a Muslim woman that wears a hijab, an Orthodox Jew that wears a yarmulke, a Sikh that wears a turban or Christian wearing a cross, symbols of your devotion can sometimes become an issue when an employer objects. It's important to understand your rights in this area so that you know when your employer can and cannot limit what you wear.

When the bedbugs bite at a hotel: What you should know

Bedbugs -- once nearly eradicated in the United States -- are back. That's bad news for everybody planning to head to a hotel during a vacation this summer -- because the risks of getting bitten and carrying a fully-fledged infestation back home with you are much higher than they used to be.

What should you know about bedbugs?

Manager fired over alleged theft wins wrongful termination suit

Was one of the managers of a California Chipotle set up by her bosses and accused of theft simply because she filed a workers' compensation claim over an injured wrist?

A jury thinks so. In fact, they've already awarded the fired employee nearly $8 million in damages -- and that's not the end of things. The parties have to be back in court soon in order to determine what amount of punitive damages they'll have to pay. Punitive damages are generally only awarded when a defendant's actions are found to be particularly reprehensible. They're designed to deter others from doing something similar in the future.

Public employees who sexually harass could face big consequences

If some New Jersey lawmakers have their way, the consequences for sexual harassment in the workplace could get a lot bigger for public officials and government employees.

One piece of fallout from the #MeToo movement is that there's been a lot of scrutiny on public officials across the nation sexually abuse or harass their employees. The probability that they'd ever face serious consequences was once pretty slim.

Is your company's attempt to eliminate discrimination backfiring?

Discrimination in the workplace is a big issue these days. There's a lot of media attention and companies everywhere are eager to avoid being put in the spotlight. A lot of them are promoting initiatives designed to overcome discrimination in their past -- but some of those efforts may end up creating new types of discrimination in the present.

For example, it's unlikely that a company would start a "men only" program designed to help male professionals network -- but it might not think twice about starting such a program for women. The goal, naturally, would be to help women overcome the problems they've faced breaking through male-dominated professions. Unfortunately, that kind of thing could end up negatively impacting a company's male professionals in today's world.

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