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Cancer is missed more often than you probably realize

These days, it seems like it shouldn't be hard to detect many forms of cancer in the early stages through a few blood tests or some x-rays. After all, medical science has evolved well beyond the point that many people would have dreamed just a few decades ago.

However, cancer deaths are rising rather than falling. Researchers estimate that around 13.1 million people will die of cancer each year by 2030. A significant part of that problem is that doctors are still failing to detect cancer in the early stages when it is most treatable. The cures are getting better, but they're mostly useless if someone is already at the final stage of the disease when they're diagnosed.

What counts as sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment at work is about discrimination and power -- not sex. If your employer happens to have 15 or more employees, it's also a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

But, do you know what actually constitutes sexual harassment at work? Many people don't. It's easy to second-guess yourself after an incident, and victims often convince themselves (to their detriment) that they're simply "over-reacting" to their aggressor's actions.

Did your boss force you to quit? Consider talking to an attorney

Some bosses are just awful people -- but you can manage to put up with their abrasive personalities and demands and get your work done anyhow. However, if your boss seemingly went out of his or her way to make your life specifically miserable -- to the point that you felt like you had no choice but to quit -- you may have actually been the victim of a constructive discharge.

What's a constructive discharge?

Do flip-flops increase your chances of an injury?

Flip-flops are the footwear of choice for millions during the summer months. However, perhaps they should be confined to places like the beach, shower or pool.

Flip-flops are problematic for several reasons. First, they provide no support whatsoever for the arch of your foot or your ankle. This means that they can easily lead to problems like plantar fasciitis, twisted ankles and knee problems. However, they also signifcantly increase the chances that you could trip, fall and injure yourself.

Have you run into an issue with your New Jersey home purchase?

Buying a new home in New Jersey is a difficult task. You have to contend with a very aggressive market in many of the best neighborhoods, which means there may be multiple other buyers bidding on the same properties as you.

Many people looking to buy their first home or to upgrade into a property that better fits their current lifestyle find that the process takes a lot longer than it would have only a few years ago.

Bystander intervention and sexual harassment

Are you concerned about sexual harassment in your workplace? Do you feel somewhat powerless, however, to do anything about it?

Well, you aren't. In fact, if you aren't the person being victimized by sexual harassment, you may hold the key to halting that kind of behavior in its tracks -- especially if you act in concert with others. It's called "bystander intervention."

New Jersey may be next to ban hair discrimination

You may remember a shocking incident that made national news after a New Jersey high school wrestler was forced to cut his hair on the sidelines in order to avoid forfeiting his match. A referee refused to allow the young man to compete with his dreadlocks intact because they wouldn't fit the "sanctioned" hair cover. Nor would he allow the young man to use the cover that he'd been using in other matches.

Prompted largely by the attention that came from that incident, representatives in the state have introduced a bill that would make hair discrimination illegal in housing, on the job and in public schools. Many African Americans struggle with negative social attitudes toward their natural hair or traditional black hairstyles -- forcing them to adhere to white standards of beauty. Doing so often requires the use of expensive straighteners and other harsh chemical treatments in order to "fit in."

Do physicians owe a duty of care to non-patients?

A physician's duty of care to their patient is an essential issue in many medical malpractice cases. However, what about a duty of care to a non-patient? Are there times when a physician can be legally liable for an injury that occurs to someone they never treated?

Actually, yes -- although it isn't always clear when that happens. Here's what you should know:

Fired for medical marijuana? Get legal help

Have you been fired due to your use of medical marijuana? If so, you may have the ability to challenge your employer's decision in court.

Once upon a time, employers could easily create -- and legally enforce -- anti-marijuana policies, even if someone had legal access to medical marijuana for their condition under some form of compassionate-use law. However, social attitudes have shifted, and that is bringing about a gradual shift in the law, as well.

Suing an amusement park for an injury

New Jersey is one of the country's top summer destinations, thanks to amusement parks like Six Flags Great Adventure and similar places. Unfortunately, not every vacation goes as planned. Accidents can happen and leave you injured and unable to work long after your vacation is over.

If an accident happens at an amusement park, what recourses do you have? After all, most amusement parks slip a liability waiver in as part of the entry process in an effort to avoid the financial consequences of a guest's injuries.

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