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When You’re Injured On The Job

An injury on the job can cost you more than a few hours of pain. If you’re seriously injured, you could face long-term medical bills and long stretches of missed work, which means missed paychecks. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, you may not be able to return to your previous position. How do you recover when the rug gets pulled out from under you like this? The answer is workers’ compensation.

How Workers’ Compensation Works

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to provide you with quick access to compensation for a work injury. These benefits are available regardless of fault, saving both you and your employer the hassle, expense and delays of a lawsuit. At Piro Zinna Cifelli Paris & Genitempo LLC, our attorneys can help you through the process of filing a claim, navigating a denial and establishing robust evidence for your case. Our lawyers in Northern New Jersey are committed to providing strong legal protection for our state’s workers who have been injured on the job.

Report Your Injury Right Away

Many workers have the instinct to be stoic when injured on the job. But downplaying or ignoring a workplace injury can hurt you in the long run. By reporting your injury right away, you have a record of what happened and can start building your case immediately. It’s easier to remember the details closer to the incident, rather than having to rely on your memory later to reconstruct what happened. Also, if you wait more than two years to report an injury that later proves to be a chronic issue, you will not be eligible to collect benefits.

Even if you feel like you’re “okay” after an injury, sometimes symptoms or lingering effects don’t show up for a while. However you were injured, it’s best to report to your employer right away.

Injuries And Illnesses Are Covered

It’s not just workers who suffer major injuries like burns or amputations who are covered by workers’ compensation. If a work exposure made you sick- with cancer, lung disease or another illness- you can file a workers’ compensation claim for this, too. You can also file a claim for injuries related to repetitive motions (typing, driving, etc.) as well as for injuries caused by an acute event.

Call Today To Tell Us What Happened

Navigating the workers’ compensation system can feel complicated; particularly if you’ve never been through it before. Give us a call at 973-542-2766 or email us to schedule a time to talk about your situation and how you might best move forward.

Verdicts & Settlements

$2 million present value policy limit structured settlement of serious motorcycle/truck accident with brain injury (pay-out anticipated of over $10 million)

Approx. $2 million settlement to clients who were victims of the Labor Day Passaic industrial fire

$1.9 million settlement for construction site accident causing neurological injuries

$750,000 settlement for construction site accident causing ankle injury and emotional distress

Over $25 million dollar anticipated lifetime structured settlement for infant vaccine injury claim

Multimillion-dollar lifetime structured settlement of cerebral palsy claim

$3 million jury verdict for delayed diagnosis of breast cancer

$2.6 million settlement for birth injury caused by medical malpractice