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Popular food product recalled after severe illnesses

A popular meal service company, Daily Harvest, recently recalled one of its products that made people sick. The company recalled its French Lentil + Leek Crumbles after reports that over 400 people had fallen ill from eating the product.

People reported that they had begun experiencing symptoms that included intense stomach pains and elevated liver enzymes. Several people reported having to be treated in emergency rooms. Some were forced to have their gallbladders removed to treat the issue.

A nation-wide recall

Many people are criticizing Daily Harvest’s handling of the food recall. Some allege that the company took too long to acknowledge something was wrong with the product and then treated those affected with insensitivity. Several people reported getting offers for $10.00 off their next purchase, with one even seeing the email offer while being treated in an emergency room.

Product recalls are incredibly significant and need to be handled quickly and expeditiously. If a company refuses to take the issue seriously or does not act quickly, the number of people injured by the defective product grows.

Defective products can bring major injuries

While this recall led to people experiencing severe gastrointestinal distress, defective products can lead to permanent injuries or even death when the public is unaware that said product is faulty.

When someone faces the fallout of a defective product, they can deal with severe injuries that last the rest of their life. Too often, companies attempt to downplay the severity of the issue or deny the product was the reason someone is experiencing a problem.

Piro Zinna Cifelli Paris & Genitempo, LLC represents individuals harmed by defective products, including baby products, medical implants, and Daily Harvest Crumbles.

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