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Has your car accident caused a traumatic brain injury?

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle collision, the injuries from that event could create life-long conditions affecting your health and your work. The shock from a physically jarring event, like a car accident, can obscure the extent of your injuries in the minutes and hours after the incident. When it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), the cognitive and physical symptoms of an injury may not be evident until much later.

Signs of traumatic brain injury

Mild traumatic brain injury can produce temporary symptoms that may subside after a short time. However, even a mild injury could compound to create longstanding medical issues. Here are some common symptoms of traumatic brain injury associated with a motor vehicle collision:

  • Loss of consciousness (varying in duration)
  • Constant headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Convulsions
  • Seizures
  • Pupil dilation
  • Trouble waking up

Finding the compensation you deserve

When you suffer a traumatic brain injury at the hands of a negligent driver, you are entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, disability and loss of enjoyment of life.  Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not take these types of injuries seriously, particularly when a brain MRI or CT scan is read as normal in the emergency room.  This attitude by insurance companies, however, ignores credible scientific studies that have shown that symptoms can be present and persistent over the long term, even when there is not any demonstrable injury to the brain on diagnostic imaging.  It is imperative, therefore, that if you are symptomatic following an accident that you consult with an attorney who understands the medicine and has the knowledge and experience to take on the insurance company and fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve received a traumatic brain injury or some other severe injury in a vehicle accident, contact an attorney with experience in personal injury cases to explore your options.



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