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What are the 6 main causes of car accidents?

Science is getting better and better at understanding human behavior. It has also gotten better at predicting what causes car accidents.

A multitude of driving studies in recent years has given new insights into the main causes of car accidents. They are:

1. Lane departures

A whopping 33 percent of car accidents happen because a driver doesn’t stay in his or her lane.

Drivers simply veer into another lane without realizing that there’s already another car there. It happens most often because of distracted driving — so put away your phone, leave the radio alone and train yourself to keep your eyes on the road.

2. Tailgating

Tailgating may make drivers feel better when they’re in a hurry but it’s basically pointless. It only saves about 26 seconds on the road — and causes almost a third of car accidents.

3. Lost control

Maneuvering too fast around other vehicles, going around a curve too quickly and not slowing down for wet roads all cause drivers to lose control of their cars. It can also happen when they’re startled by another car’s sudden movement into their lane or unexpected stop.

4. Blind chances

Almost every driver is guilty of this at some point. Taking a blind chance occurs whenever a driver tries to pass a large vehicle on a narrow road or goes up a hill too fast without thinking about what might be on the other side.

5. Rolling turns

A rolling turn at a stoplight or stop sign is tremendously dangerous to both drivers and pedestrians. To make that rolling turn to the right, drivers have to look to the left for oncoming vehicles — and that means the car is moving to the right while they aren’t watching.

6. Falling asleep

Fatigue is a huge problem for many drivers. While it’s behind just 7 percent of wrecks, those wrecks are often severe, leading to 21 percent of roadway fatalities.

Knowing the main causes of car accidents is only part of the battle. You can combat the odds by basically getting enough sleep, giving other drivers plenty of space, slowing down and obeying traffic signals. However, you can still fall victim to another driver’s negligence. If that happens, a personal injury attorney can help you assess your case and advise you of your legal options for recovery.



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