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Ignored skin issues can lead to much bigger problems later

Your skin is an amazing organ — not only does it protect your entire body, it serves as an early warning device of a number of health issues.

Unfortunately, skin issues are something that primary care physicians and others often ignore or dismiss as minor problems that are not really worth being concerned over. This can lead to a delayed diagnosis of something serious — or one that’s missed altogether — leaving you struggling to control a condition that could have been treated much more easily if it had been caught early on.

For example, your skin can show tell-tale signs of serious diseases in several ways:

— Changing moles

You develop new moles throughout your lifetime, so seeing a few new moles here and there isn’t a problem. However, if existing moles suddenly change size and shape and develop an asymmetrical shape, irregular borders, color changes, a diameter that’s larger than 6 millimeters or evolves into something that’s bleeding or painful, it could be an early sign of skin cancer.

— Breast dimpling

Lumps aren’t the only sign of breast cancer. Dimpling in the breast is another sign of a problem and can signal that cancer cells are obstructing the lymphatic drainage in your breast. Any dimpling in your breast tissue should be evaluated by a specialist right away.

— Easy bruising

Do you bruise at the slightest touch? If you find yourself wondering where all the bruises on your arms and legs are coming from when you don’t even remember bumping yourself, you need a doctor to take a look. It could be an early warning sign that you’re suffering from leukemia. Leukemia interferes with the body’s ability to form red blood cells, leading to anemia — which can cause you to bruise easily.

If you brought up your concerns about your skin problems with your primary care physician and he or she misdiagnosed you with something benign, like eczema, or dismissed your worries for months before finally referring you to someone that could make an accurate diagnosis, it’s possible that you have a case for medical malpractice.

Whether or not you can successfully sue for medical malpractice depends a lot on the specifics of your case. However, if earlier treatment would have helped you, a personal injury attorney can provide advice and guidance.

Source:, “Think fast: The 7 skin symptoms which you should NEVER ignore,” Jane Haynes, March 13, 2017



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