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Keep track of discrimination

If you’re being victimized by workplace discrimination in New Jersey, one of the best things you can do is to keep track of everything that happens so that you have a detailed report. This can be hugely beneficial if you decide to take legal action or report the individuals responsible. Some simple things you can do to gather evidence include:

— Keeping offensive items. For example, a co-worker might Photoshop an obscene picture and put it on your desk. You may want to throw it away because it’s obscene and offensive, but you’re better off keeping it in a safe place so that it’s not your word against your co-worker’s.

— Save any offensive emails that you get. If using a work email, consider forwarding them with all information intact to a personal email address. This way, they’re easy to access even if your work email is cut off.

— Write down everything that happens. Jot notes in a diary. Write down the date and time, the people involved and what exactly took place. This makes it easier for you to present your case while those you are suing may forget details and find it hard to defend themselves.

— Consider recording harassment in action, if possible. You can sometimes do this with your phone, either by making a video or audio recording of the incident. Be sure you know what you’re legally allowed to tape so that it can be used as evidence.

While going through this, try to stay calm, even when you’re being victimized, and simply gather all of the evidence that you can. Then, look into your legal options to make things right and put an end to it.

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