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The New Jersey law against discrimination in the workplace

Most New Jersey residents are aware that workplace environments have changed over the years to be more sensitive towards the personal feelings of others. Most of us realize that we should not treat people poorly based on their color, sex, religion or nation of origin. However, many are unaware of other actions that might also constitute an act of workplace discrimination.

Under current New Jersey law, workers are prohibited from engaging in employment practices or procedures that treat an individual less favorably because they are a member of a protected category. In addition to those mentioned above, these categories include marital, civil union and domestic partnership status, gender identity or expression, having served in the U. S. Armed Forces and having atypical hereditary cellular or blood traits.

People are liable for employment discrimination if they treat anyone in the above-mentioned categories less favorably by demoting them, withholding fringe benefits, not allowing them to return following a layoff or other negative employment actions.It is also a violation of the New Jersey law against workplace discrimination to engage in the use of derogatory or demeaning references if they are in a protected category

Is also important to remember that many times workplace discrimination takes the form of harassment and threats made towards people in protected categories. This creates what is considered a hostile work environment and is also prohibited by state law.

If you have been a victim of workplace discrimination, you should know that since our founding in 1969, we have consistently provided our clients with effective legal services from our Nutley, New Jersey offices. We stand ready to represent you in your claim through forceful advocacy on your behalf even against formidable corporations as well as the insurance companies that protect them.

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