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Here’s how to tell you need a personal injury attorney

Not every accident ends in an injury. Not every injury ends in a lawsuit. Sometimes, insurance companies actually do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and the injured parties are compensated fairly for their losses.

And, then, there’s the rest of the time.

Why do people seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney after they’ve been in an accident? Here are the most common reasons:

1. They don’t even know if they have a valid lawsuit

The insurance company may have you doubting whether or not you even have a right to compensation at all — let alone fair compensation. You need an objective opinion about your odds of a successful lawsuit.

An attorney isn’t going to urge you to pursue a lawsuit that he or she knows will be fruitless because most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. That means they only get paid for their hard work if you reach a settlement with the insurance company or have a successful lawsuit. That’s why attorneys are particularly motivated to give you a fair assessment of your case.

2. Your case is really complicated

Sometimes, you may not even be entirely sure who is at fault for your accident. Serious truck accidents are often like that. The driver of the truck, the trucking company itself, the loading company that filled the truck with a lopsided load, the repair company that didn’t properly check the truck’s tires and others could all share responsibility for an accident.

It may take a team of experienced investigators to sort out who is responsible for your injuries — and then fight through the insurance companies’ red tape to get what you deserve.

Our team can investigate your case and help you determine what you are really owed. Learn more about your options and our services by continuing to review our site.



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Verdicts & Settlements

$2 million present value policy limit structured settlement of serious motorcycle/truck accident with brain injury (pay-out anticipated of over $10 million)

Approx. $2 million settlement to clients who were victims of the Labor Day Passaic industrial fire

$1.9 million settlement for construction site accident causing neurological injuries

$750,000 settlement for construction site accident causing ankle injury and emotional distress

Over $25 million dollar anticipated lifetime structured settlement for infant vaccine injury claim

Multimillion-dollar lifetime structured settlement of cerebral palsy claim

$3 million jury verdict for delayed diagnosis of breast cancer

$2.6 million settlement for birth injury caused by medical malpractice