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Do flip-flops increase your chances of an injury?

Flip-flops are the footwear of choice for millions during the summer months. However, perhaps they should be confined to places like the beach, shower or pool.

Flip-flops are problematic for several reasons. First, they provide no support whatsoever for the arch of your foot or your ankle. This means that they can easily lead to problems like plantar fasciitis, twisted ankles and knee problems. However, they also signifcantly increase the chances that you could trip, fall and injure yourself.

There’s another problem that flip-flops present. Even if a property owner was negligent and that negligence led to your fall, your flip-flops can give the insurance company a place to attack your claim for just compensation.

Flip-flops often are cheaply made and ill-fitting, forcing the wearer to curl his or her toes downward in order to keep the shoes in place. They also tend to catch on just about any uneven surface or the edge of steps. The whole process of walking in flip-flops without losing them right off your feet can affect your gait and balance.

Even if a property owner failed to keep the premises safe, the fact that you had flip-flops on your feet when you fell could become an issue. Because New Jersey follows the rule of “contributory negligence,” injury victims from a slip-and-fall accident have to prove that they were less at-fault than the property owner for the accident. If a jury decides that your flip-flops were a hazard, you could lose the right to compensation for your injuries.

Protect your feet, your knees, your overall health — and your right to compensation if you’re injured in a fall due to someone else’s negligent actions. Wear footwear that protects your feet and makes it easier for you to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Nonetheless, if you suffer a slip-and-fall injury, find out more about your legal rights as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help you determine the true strengths and weaknesses of your specific situation.



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