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Suing for injuries at music festivals and concerts

Showmanship is part of the deal, these days, when it comes to music concerts and festivals. Most big musicians don’t just get up on stage and jam — they put on a show that involves dance moves, fireworks and sometimes stunts that involve the audience.

Unfortunately, people often get hurt during these displays of enthusiasm for the music. That leads to a variety of injury lawsuits that often involve the musician, the sound and stage company, the promoters and even the venue. Injuries can also be complicated, involving things like head trauma and spinal cord damage. In other words, they can be complicated.

So, frankly, it might be a good idea to think about what you need to do if you’re injured at the next concert or venue you attend — because hindsight is 20/20 but foresight is more helpful when you might have to take something to court.

Here are some tips to use if you’re injured at a music festival:

Take notes about the accident as soon as possible

Details get lost as the days pass, so you need to write down everything you can remember as soon as you are able. Ask anyone who was with you to do the same. That can help identify potential areas of concern as you pursue your claim.

Get medical help as soon as possible

Don’t wait days or weeks to see a doctor over a sore back or twisted neck. You could have damage to your vertebrae or other serious problems developing. Plus, the longer you wait to seek medical help, the harder it is to connect your injury to the event at the music venue.

Start tracking your damages

Your damages matter in any lawsuit. You need to keep track of the expenses associated with every medical visit or treatment, days you miss from work or take sick leave and anything else you think is related to your injuries. Grab a folder and start collecting invoices and receipts to make things easier when you go to settle your claim.

Ultimately, the steps you take now can make or break a personal injury claim later — or result in a substantially higher amount of compensation.



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