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4 tips to avoid injuries during home renovations

You know it’s spring when the home renovations start rolling forward. If you’ve been asked to help a friend with renovations, you need to make sure that you (and the other people in the house) are safe while you do it.

Here are some of the most important tips for preventing injuries during home repairs:

Keep the area blocked off

Kids, cats, dogs and stray adults can all become a problem during renovations. It’s easy to trip over someone — or something — if they’re standing in the space you need to move through and you aren’t expecting it. Put up a barrier before you start working and make sure everyone knows to stay out.

Use personal safety gear

Protective equipment can reduce the chance of serious injuries. Work gloves, safety glasses and boots can protect you from all manner of serious injuries. If someone is working up high, hard hats need to be used to prevent head injuries from falling debris or dropped tools.

Know your tools

If you don’t know how to use a tool, don’t use it. This is especially true for power tools. An electric saw or nail gun can make a job quicker — but they can also cause devastating injuries. Always make sure that safety guards are in place on any tools you do use.

Don’t work alone

There are reasons your friend or relative doesn’t want to work alone. Renovation jobs aren’t just easier with help — they’re also safer. If you get injured while you’re alone, it could be impossible to get yourself emergency help. Buddy up for safety.

If you are injured while renovating someone’s home with them, you may be entitled to compensation through their homeowner’s insurance policy. While you might feel troubled over pressing a claim against a friend or relative’s insurance, that’s exactly why they have coverage.

A serious injury while helping someone renovate their home can leave you out of work while you recover for months at a time, and the medical bills can be staggering. Under premises liability laws, homeowners are responsible for keeping their invited guests safe — even during renovations.

Source:, “DIY Safety: How To Prevent Injury When Renovating Your Home,” Melissa Chapman, accessed April 20, 2018



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