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Report claims gender pay gap still exists

Discriminating based on gender is illegal, so men and women must be paid the same if their qualifications are the same. If a man and a woman both hold the same job, have the same college degree, work the same hours, and have the same amount of experience, the pay needs to be equal.

There are those who argue that this is the case, even though the stats show that women earn right around 80 cents for every dollar men earn. The argument from people who think there isn’t a pay gap is that the gender has nothing to do with it. They say that women have less experience, less education, and other drawbacks that make it so they earn less.

However, at least one report says that the gender pay gap is very real. The report looked at earnings and education levels together, and some of the findings were as follows:

— A woman who didn’t graduate from high school earned just 80 percent of what was earned by a man who didn’t graduate from high school.

— When looking at those with just high school degrees, and no college degrees, women made 77 percent of what men did.

— Increasing the cutoff to those with basic college degrees saw it fall even more, as women made only 75 percent of what men made in that category. The gap grew a bit more, to 74 percent, when looking at workers with advanced college degrees.

Rather than dropping as education increases, the pay gap gets wider. Do you feel that you’re being discriminated against when it comes to your job or your pay? Your rights may have been violated, and there are legal steps you can take in New Jersey.

Source: Truth Out, ““Equal Pay” Is Not So Equal,” John Miller, accessed Sep. 06, 2016



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