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Former principle sues for wrongful termination

A former charter school principle recently filed a lawsuit in New Jersey, suing the Franklin Towne Charter School for an alleged wrongful termination. The school is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to the lawsuit, the principle noticed some wrong-doing at the school, and he decided to speak up as a result. He claims he was then fired because of this, which would be illegal since he was acting as a whistle-blower.

The accusations the principle made include the following:

— He said that the charter school was ripping off the Philadelphia School District by saying it ran a full-day kindergarten, and then billing for the entire day, despite the fact that the program didn’t really run for the entire day.

— He said there was rampant nepotism at the school.

— He claimed that the school had given an ex-board member’s wife a job that didn’t exist and they were paying her $80,000 for nothing because they claimed her husband would “make noise” if they didn’t.

— He said that state laws were being violated at the school because students who were working to learn the English language were not being given the proper required services.

The man’s lawyer said that the current lawsuit is important because whistleblowers need to be protected against termination, therefore making them more likely to actually speak up when they need to do so.

All those who have been fired in an illegal manner need to know what rights and protections they have as employees. In cases like this, people can still stand up for their employee rights, even after being fired.

Source:, “Ex-principal of Franklin Towne charter files whistle-blower suit,” Martha Woodall, Feb. 08, 2016



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