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Rutgers settles 2 wrongful termination lawsuits

Recent information obtained through Open Public Records Act has shed light on two high profile wrongful termination lawsuits. According to the documents, Rutgers University has agreed to pay almost $2 million to a pair of former top-tier administrators at the now defunct University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

The papers revealed that Rutgers paid out $1.2 million to UMDNJ’s former chief financial officer who oversaw operations at the institution’s facility located in Newark, New Jersey. The documents indicate that the former CFO had alleged UMDNJ fired him following his disclosure that other top administrators in the organization had engaged in defrauding Medicaid.

This comes on the heels of another settlement Rutgers made with a UMDNJ purchasing official which was finalized last year. In that case Rutgers agreed to pay $700,000 in order to settle claims that UMDNJ wrongfully terminated the purchasing official after her discovery that the organization was awarding millions of dollars’ worth of telecommunications contracts without engaging in the mandatory bidding process required by state law.

The former vice president at UMDNJ’s University Hospital told reporters that the organization forced him out back in 2002 after he discovered proof that the hospital was overbilling Medicaid. The terms of the settlement agreements included strict confidentiality for the attorneys involved regarding disclosure of their details.

If you are a New Jersey resident you need to know that it is unlawful for a company to fire you for reporting their fraudulent or criminal activities. Furthermore, it is also unlawful for an employer to fire you for filing a sexual harassment or hostile work environment complaint. An attorney with experience in New Jersey’s employment law can assist you in seeking compensation if you have been the victim of such actions. If successful, you may be able to receive compensation based on the harm you suffered as the result of such behavior.

Source: – True Jersey, “UMDNJ whistleblower cases cost Rutgers nearly $2M in settlements,” Ted Sherman, April. 26, 2015



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