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When your workplace sexual-harassment claims are ignored

New Jersey employees have a right to earn a living without being sexually harassed at work. Due to several high-profile sexual-harassment lawsuits, many modern businesses have now come to recognize those rights and they have also began to realize their obligations to keep their workplaces free of such activities.

Unfortunately, some companies want to give the impression that they are serious about stopping workplace sexual harassment, yet they fail to follow through with enforcement. Frequent readers of our online blog may remember that we previously discussed some of the things that businesses can do to prevent sexual harassment from occurring at work.

Posting prohibitions against making unwanted advances or pressuring people for dates is a good first step for employers. Also having a designated person available for employees to report instances of unwanted touching or sexually explicit jokes is a great example of a prevention strategy and employer may enact. Mandatory sexual-harassment training classes are also worth their while. However, one of the most important aspects of combating sexual-harassment is for employers to enforce their own policies.

Generally, that means employers must terminate, demote, suspend or otherwise discipline individuals who are actively engaging in sexual harassment. Far too often, this is the step where employers drop the ball. This can be especially true if the individual accused of harassing is in a powerful position or occupies some critical corporate function.

If you are being sexually harassed or otherwise victimized at work, you should not have to endure your employer dragging his or her feet when it comes to ending that harassment.

Based in Nutley, our law firm has been representing clients in Essex County and other parts of New Jersey since 1969. Whether you are being sexually harassed at work or in your private time, you should not have to fear losing your job for stopping that unwanted attention. Prospective clients should know that they can schedule a completely confidential appointment through our online intake form.



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