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Allegations of workplace harassment at New Jersey kennel

According to a news release by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, a complaint brought by a former female employee against a Burlington County, New Jersey, kennel has been settled. The former employee says that she began working at the Golden Grange Kennels in January 2012, yet was forced to quit in October of the same year after repeated sexual harassment by the kennel’s owner had stressed her beyond limit.

Some of the details of the settlement were not released to protect the former employee’s identity. However, it has been revealed that the victim, who is a Pennsylvania resident, will receive $20,000 to be paid in installments over the course of the next year.

The former employee told investigators that the kennel owner made repeated inappropriate statements to her that were sexual in nature. The kennel owner allegedly invited the former employee over to his home, which is adjacent to the kennel, for some manner of sexual activity. Despite her resistance, the former employee says that the kennel owner persisted in making sexual overtures towards her and eventually chastised her for steadfastly rebuffing his advances.

According to the acting attorney general, the kennel owner will admit no wrongdoing as part of the settlement agreement reached by both parties. Additionally, the kennels owner agreed to create and implement an anti-harassment policy for the kennel and ensure that his employees receive training designed to educate and prevent workplace harassment.

There are many forms of harassment and discrimination that can happen within the workplace. New Jersey law specifically prohibits both types of behavior. Being the recipient of lewd comments, being forced to view sexually explicit materials or being demoted for refusing to accept unwanted sexual advances are all examples of prohibited behavior.

If you are a victim of workplace harassment or discrimination, you are entitled to take legal action. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to obtain a favorable outcome that will help to secure your future and prevent those same harmful actions from injuring others.

Source: -Times of Trenton, “Chesterfield kennel to pay $20,000 to former employee to resolve sexual harassment allegations” James McEvoy, Oct. 08, 2014



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