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New Jersey police challenge female officer harassment charges

When two female police officers won a sex discrimination suit in New Jersey, they were ready to move forward in their education and move forward as sergeants. What happened next shocked them.

Since the town of Neptune had doled out the sum of $660,000 and promoted the women, there was no reason to suspect there might be an underlying counter-attack underfoot.

The two women had lodged sexual harassment claims against top-ranking members of the police department, and won, but were then confronted by a retaliatory attack.

Representatives for the officials had decided to protest the promotions of the women. This was a huge blow for the two females who had filed allegations in Monmouth County stating they were passed over on numerous occasions in favor of male officers.

They allege there were not afforded equitable treatment in assignments, suffered hostile work environment and were subjected to lewd and sexual innuendoes and crude behavior.

Complaints fell on deaf ears. One supervisor actually told them to get used to being in a male-dominated world.

When they filed the charges with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, they were faced with retaliatory acts and more harassment. They received poor work evaluations and were subjected to reassignment and passed over for training.

Although they received their promotions, the upper echelon of the police department then decided to challenge these.

A hearing was scheduled but in the meantime, the two women who fought so hard, are in limbo, now facing unique challenges in finding representation in their enhanced status.

Confidentiality provisions prohibit parties from commenting on the case. Although some suggest disciplinary action may be levied on the male-dominated police force, no one is talking. And no one is taking the blame.

If you or someone you know have been subjected to sexual harassment on the job, their rights have been violated. They deserve to seek help from appropriate sources in order to defend themselves from such inappropriate behavior at their place of employment.

Source: Asbury Park Press, “Neptune cops settle sex discrimination claims for $660K” Kathleen Hopkins, May. 23, 2014



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