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Lawsuit: Unwanted sexual contact forced man to quit job

Some people don’t have much of a sense of personal boundaries or decency, and unfortunately this distinguishing quality often contributes to hostile work environments. In other cases, coworkers are quite aware of their inappropriate language or gestures, and workplace discrimination and sexual harassment are all too intentional.

With these issues in mind, New Jersey residents may want to consider a recent lawsuit involving allegations that a woman sexually harassed a man who worked for her.

For 30 years the man worked in law enforcement, but according to his lawsuit, he had to quit his job after being sexually harassed for months and then wrongly demoted by his boss. The woman reportedly embarrassed and humiliated the man in numerous instances by making sexual suggestions and unwanted sexual contact.

In particular, the man said the woman would repeatedly grab his head, pull her shirt over him and press his head into her breasts. The act was perceived by the woman to be a joke. According to the lawsuit, she also made sexual contact in the form of unwanted lap dances and, while at work, suggested that the man attend a strip club.

The man said the harassment got so bad that he equipped his desk with a hidden camera in an effort to record the inappropriate behavior. The woman disposed of the video, however, and even reported the man to the local prosecutor’s office, suggesting that he be charged with wiretapping.

The jury hearing the case decided that the woman had indeed sexually harassed her employee, who is now expected to receive $567,000 in compensation. The money is meant to cover the man’s damages and lost income.

For her part, the woman referred to the trial as a “circus” and continued to deny that she had committed sexual harassment. It would appear that her sense of a safe and professional work environment differs from that of the jury.

Source: CBS Houston, “Jury Awards Man Over $500K In ‘Motorboat’ Sexual Harassment Suit Against Female Boss,” March 24, 2014



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