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USERRA protects military veterans in employment

As more and more military servicemembers return from tours overseas, the effect of their deployments are becoming apparent in the area of employment law. As the economy continues to slowly recover across the nation, many people still struggle to find work. And for servicemen and women who have spent time in Iraq or Afghanistan, finding and keeping a job can be especially difficult.

There is a growing trend of longer deployments for those in the United States armed forces. This means that those who serve our country are not only out of the job market for longer, but may not have the access to training and opportunities to keep them as competitive as possible when they return home and seek work.

Fortunately, federal law protects the employment interests of servicemembers. The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act, or USERRA, prohibits employers from denying an applicant a job on the basis of their membership in the armed forces or the possibility that they may take leave for military service.

USERRA also protects the jobs of those who leave for overseas combat, guaranteeing that they will come home to their job or a comparable one if they meet certain conditions. With all the difficulties of readjusting to civilian life, USERRA can provide some relief in the employment arena.

If you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, it is important to seek help from someone who can identify with your situation and help you. Consider speaking with an experienced employment law attorney who can help your protect your future – and your career

Source: The Connecticut Post, “Employment rights of returning military personnel,” Feb. 15, 2013

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