Resolving Emotional Family Concerns

If you are confronted with a divorce or any other family matter, the family lawyers of Piro Zinna Cifelli Paris & Genitempo LLC will provide you with personal attention to guide you through the often emotional, and legally complex, issues that you will face.

Every effort will be made to understand your specific needs and those of your children so that your goals and objectives can be reached. A strategic approach will be developed and pursued in an effort to reach an effective resolution on all issues quickly, reasonably and without costly litigation.

Working Inside Or Outside The Courtroom

Our family law attorneys are highly skilled negotiators and have a solid reputation and record of success reaching fair and amicable resolutions of family disputes, including divorce. In the event that a fair settlement cannot be achieved, our family lawyers will offer skilled and professional representation and vigorously advocate for you in court on all issues, including:

A Team Approach To Overlapping Concerns

Because the firm combines diverse experiences and professional backgrounds, virtually every aspect of your family law matter can be effectively resolved by our experienced lawyers, including property valuations, real estate transactions, and income tax and estate planning ramifications of divorce.

Our lawyers will offer dignified, confidential and compassionate counsel and will carefully, clearly and comprehensively assist you in identifying your best options. They will take the time to learn about you and your needs and become familiar with every aspect of your case. They will assist you in having a clear understanding of the legal issues that you may be confronting to assure that all decisions will serve your best interest and enhance our ability to deliver a successful outcome.

Call 973-542-2766 for a consultation or you can reach our family law attorneys by filling out our online intake form.